This is our second project with Mat and his team. This time we thought we’d really test his expertise by presenting him with an almost impossible design project. The purchase of the existing property (consisting of three dilapidated buildings) was contingent upon getting our design complete and approved by the Conservation, Lake Shore Protection, and both state and local officials within a four month time frame. Oh, did I mention that every aspect of the project violated a setback in some capacity? We knew that Mat was the only architect who had a fighting chance of coming up with something everyone could live with. He’s a brilliant artist who can speak with engineers, understand the language associated with conservation regulations, and is willing to research anything he is unsure of. Mat worked late into the night every day for weeks to help us meet our deadlines. His efforts resulted in a beautiful design that embraced the gorgeous lake shore and conservation areas without compromise, while improving setbacks guidelines. Still, we had resigned ourselves to the fact that the board would most likely send us home empty handed. The property was just too complicated.The evening of the meeting, our engineer presented Mat’s design to the board. There were some questions – which is to be expected – but very little debate. At the end of the meeting, a unanimous vote to approve was granted along with a the comment that, “ This property deserves this house.” We were all shocked, stunned, and thrilled! In April 2016, construction began and Mat’s design (and our dream) came to life. It’s true, these houses were meant for the property and we are absolutely in love with everything about them! We’re taking a break from construction for now, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be working with Mat in some capacity down the road. How could we work with anyone else? –New Hampshire Lake House, Lake Sunapee, NH

Cummings Architects absolutely exceeded our expectations with our recent home and outdoor renovation. They were highly recommended to my husband and I by our contractor. After seeing their work and meeting with Mat, we knew it was a perfect fit. Mat and his team’s vision, creativity, and attention to detail were impeccable. The unique designs and ideas they provided us for our project were beyond anything we could have imagined. They listened to what our ideas and expectations were for the project and brought them to life. The entire team was very informative, responsive, and a great resource to us throughout our entire project. We also worked with Chloe for interior design services. She was amazing to work with as well. It was such a pleasure working with the entire team at Cummings Architects. Their work is truly exquisite! We would highly recommend Cummings Architects. -North Shore Tranquility, Middleton, MA

Taking on a major renovation is never easy and no matter how prepared you think you are, it will always take on a life of its own. We interviewed a number of architects prior to hiring Cummings Architects. Mat Cummings was honest and upfront with us from the first meeting and he had a great way of aligning our goals with reality. Most importantly, Mat understood how important it was for us to maintain the integrity of our historic home and shared our passion for the preservation of many of the historic features. Mat and his staff were easy to work with, timely, and professional. Our project certainly had some surprises (like most old homes do); however, Cummings Architects were agile and able to manage challenges both in the architecture as well as within the various city departments that required approval. Mat had a strong relationship with our builder, which allowed for smooth communication during the project and resulted in our dream home becoming a reality. We have now been back in the house for two months and we absolutely love the space. We highly recommend Cummings Architects; their professionalism, passion, and attention to detail were first class.Timothy Hyde House, Newton, MA 

Working with Cummings Architects was an easy and wonderful experience. My husband and I had some ideas for a beach house (tear down/rebuild) when we first met with Mat Cummings. We had no idea where to begin. Mat listened very carefully to everything we had to say. He did a beautiful job of combining our ideas with his. The whole Cummings firm was so helpful from beginning to end, and then some. The end result speaks for itself. 

Gloucester Beach Cottage, Gloucester, MA 

Where to start? From the first meeting in the front yard of our antique NH home with Mat, to the series of discussions to carefully plan and prioritize renovations, to connecting us with the right contractor, the Cummings Architects team was a great partnership. Let’s face it—antique homes are a labor of love and Cummings generously shares in that effort. All on the team are incredibly knowledgeable, patient (with great guidance on how to maintain the integrity of the home balanced against the reality of everyday living), and really, really talented. They are also good at guiding the homeowner through priorities —while I wanted to jump to the fun, pretty stuff, Mat steadily convinced me that we needed to care for the bones first (basement, sump pumps, landscape grading, re-wiring). He came up with a solid phased plan and kept me engaged by his willingness to jump ahead and draw glorious plans for the future! I also appreciated the willingness to share all kinds of knowledge on historical homes. Who knew our home was actually two homes brought together at some point? Cummings did! Who knew that the Roman numerals on the beams were put there when trees were felled and shaped so they would fit together later? Cummings did! We are so lucky to have the Cummings team as our partners. Finally, the folks at Cummings are likely some of the nicest people you will meet—gracious, talented and kind. Once more—as I sit here in my antique home, I could not be happier and this is due to Cummings’ vision, guidance, and great style! -New Hampshire Homestead, Amherst, NH

Based upon the many positive and compelling recommendations we received, we hired Cummings Architects for the reconstruction of our oceanfront home. We were very impressed by the professional yet compassionate demeanor of Mat Cummings and his entire team. They are extremely detail-orientated and we would never have made it through this project if it wasn’t for their support and creativity. We are now the proud owners of a home that is magnificent architecturally, yet functionally perfect down to the smallest of details. We highly recommend Cummings Architects for your upcoming project. -Oceanfront Shingle Style on Eastern Point, Gloucester, MA 

Over the last 9 years, I have worked with Cummings Architects on four separate occasions (and hopefully one more to go). It should therefore be unsurprising that I have been extremely happy with the results. The various projects we have done together have transformed my antique home and barn from a mishmash of odd and unsound structures to a beautiful period home, both inside and out. These projects entailed significant structural changes to remove some old structures and replace with new, plus careful preservation of other sections of my historic home. It was wonderful to work with a group that fully understands my desire to preserve, protect and restore my house with historic accuracy but ensure modern comfort. They found many creative solutions to deal with the limitations of working in a space that is confined by age. The team provided options for me to consider and guided me when I was headed in the wrong direction. We have developed a wonderful working relationship. At the end of the day I have a new kitchen, master suite(s), barn, and multiple living spaces that I love. I would literally not change a single design decision. -The Garvin-Weeks Farmstead, North Reading, MA

We enlisted Cummings Architects to help us conceptualize and design a second floor living space in our water side cottage. Mathew was quick to understand our needs and wants and added a sense of style and elegance that we would never have expected or considered. Mathew and his staff were very easy to work with and quick to answer our questions and to propose options each step of the way. They always pointed out differences in price and never pushed expensive alternatives on us. Mathew helped us all the way through the process, even making suggestions in the finishing stages. Our experience with Cummings Architects was extraordinary and this is how “The Wave” was created. -The Wave, Ipswich, MA

Mat and his team at Cummings Architects are great to work with! Mat has an amazing vision for our 1895 Victorian that will make it modern while maintaining and enhancing the original character of the house. He and his team are always prepared, always available, and they’ve worked especially hard to meet our desired (short) timeline. We’re impressed with the number of hours they’ve spent with us and, though it’s a busy firm, we always feel like a priority. Plus they’re really fun people. I can’t recommend them enough! -Belmont Victorian, Belmont, MA

Cummings Architects gave us the courage and support to complete an extensive restoration/renovation of a first-period home in Ipswich. With Mat’s help, we were able to bring the historic details back to life while adding in the modern conveniences that make this a comfortable home for the 21st century. Mat is a collaborator who teaches and guides you to your happy place as your design evolves and becomes a reality. I enthusiastically endorse Cummings Architects for your project! -Lummus House, Ipswich, MA

Chloë was my go-to person for all of my design questions. I like to come up with my own ideas, but I’m so glad I enlisted Chloë’s help. Things that I would have never thought of – different shades of white, the type of backsplash tile, black garage door, you name it! She always came prepared with samples, ideas, and a professional attitude to get things done. The compliments keep coming!  – Hidden Farmhouse Wishing Well, Topsfield, MA

Chloë, our interior designer from Cummings Architects, was an absolute necessity to our kitchen renovation: we loved what Mathew designed (marrying modern living with a historic home was important to us) and having Chloe guide us on the specifics of cabinetry, countertops, backsplash tile, paint colors, lighting fixtures, hardware for the cabinetry, sink and plumbing fixtures, etc. was so helpful. We would have been completely overwhelmed doing it on our own and it would have been a hodge podge of design components that we would eventually regret. Chloe exhibited knowledge of historic homes, connections to quality suppliers and respected our budget and style preferences.
I highly recommend using an interior designer for a kitchen renovation and Chloe and Cummings Architects are at the top of my ‘who I recommend’ list! The John Kimball Junior House, Ipswich, MA