The Bakery at Marini Farm


Marini Farm has been an Ipswich staple for three generations. But the farm stand, which was always filled with colorful fresh produce and other goods, lacked proper space for a bakery. Mike Marini sought the help of Cummings Architects to design a bright addition with plenty of space for equipment to make doughnuts, pies, and other delicious baked goods. The walls and gable ceiling are finished in simple pine boards to keep with the natural feel of the rest of the farm. A farm-red painted wall separates the bakery from the farm stand, but new interior windows pull your eyes through to the bakery from the rest of the shop. The new cafe counter uses corrugated metal siding and a salvaged white oak tree for the counter-top, giving the space a rustic feel. Open shelving stocked full with local products, industrial style lights hanging from the rafters, and old farm equipment for decoration complete the space. The new bakery is a perfect addition to the farm, and will be used for generations to come.