Winchester Serenity, c. 1892


Mathew and his team at Cummings Architects have a knack for being able to see the perfect vision for a property. They specialize in identifying a building’s missing elements and crafting designs that simultaneously encompass the large scale, master plan and the myriad details that make a home special. For this Winchester home, the vision included a variety of complementary projects that all came together into a single architectural composition.

Starting with the exterior, the single-lane driveway was extended and a new carriage garage that was designed to blend with the overall context of the existing home. In addition to covered parking, this building also provides valuable new storage areas accessible via large, double doors that lead into a connected work area.

For the interior of the house, new moldings on bay windows, window seats, and two paneled fireplaces with mantles dress up previously nondescript rooms. The family room was extended to the rear of the house and opened up with the addition of generously sized, wall-to-wall windows that served to brighten the space and blur the boundary between interior and exterior.

The family room, with its intimate sitting area, cozy fireplace, and charming breakfast table (the best spot to enjoy a sunlit start to the day) has become one of the family’s favorite rooms, offering comfort and light throughout the day. In the kitchen, the layout was simplified and changes were made to allow more light into the rear of the home via a connected deck with elongated steps that lead to the yard and a bluestone patio that’s perfect for entertaining smaller, more intimate groups.

From driveway to family room and back out into the yard, each detail in this beautiful design complements all the other concepts and details so that the entire plan comes together into a unified vision for a spectacular home.