Garden Charm



2017 – Summer Issue of Arts & Crafts Homes Magazine: A Porch Long Missing

2015 Chrysalis Award for Residential Exterior

2015 Master Design Award for Outdoor Living

Situated in a neighborhood of grand Victorians, this shingled Foursquare home seemed like a bit of a wallflower with its plain façade. The homeowner came to Cummings Architects hoping for a design that would add some character and make the house feel more a part of the neighborhood.

The answer was an expansive porch that runs along the front façade and down the length of one side, providing a beautiful new entrance, lots of outdoor living space, and more than enough charm to transform the home’s entire personality. Designed to coordinate seamlessly with the streetscape, the porch includes many custom details including perfectly proportioned double columns positioned on handmade piers of tiered shingles, mahogany decking, and a fir beaded ceiling laid in a pattern designed specifically to complement the covered porch layout. Custom designed and built handrails bridge the gap between the supporting piers, adding a subtle sense of shape and movement to the wrap around style.

Other details like the crown molding integrate beautifully with the architectural style of the home, making the porch look like it’s always been there. No longer the wallflower, this house is now a lovely beauty that looks right at home among its majestic neighbors.