Belmont Victorian, c. 1895- As seen on ‘This Old House®’

Historic Renovation/Addition


As Seen on This Old House® Season 35

Episode 01: Dude, Where’s My Victorian? 

Episode 09: True Colors

The Belmont Victorian House: Period Porch Overhaul

Located in Belmont, Massachusetts, the design and construction of the Belmont Victorian were created in collaboration between Cummings Architects and the Silva brothers of This Old House. A once demolished wrap around Victorian porch was re-created through the imagination of Mathew Cummings and was ultimately brought back to life using specific details from the style and time period in which the home was originally built. For example, a beautiful new gable was placed above the grand front staircase, replicating and emphasizing the one already located on the second floor of the home. The porch not only added what had truly been missing from the façade of the home for so many years, but it also created a connection to the streetscape, which was a very important detail in the Victorian era. In total, the renovation included the new porch, mudroom, foyer, kitchen, and master bedroom, all in the flavor of the original home.